IT support service specialist, football and HPE service enthusiast – Kārlis Monday August 9th, 2021

Kārlis Eniks is an IT support service specialist who has been in the BIT team for more than two years. Kārlis is endowed with the talent to get to know the client perfectly and solve their problems in a short time, it is appreciated by both the clients and the BIT service team.

In his free time, Kārlis enjoys football and works in the Latvian Football Federation as an assistant referee, as well as sings in a choir with his beloved wife, raises his son together and prepares delicious meals with home-grown vegetables in his free evenings.

Colleagues speak about Kārlis as a football referee / swimmer. A swimmer because he knows how to find the right solution quickly and correctly. Do things by nature and throw yourself into them with full return. In everyday work, there is no feeling that if you instruct Kārlis to complete a task, then you yourself will start work faster than expected. Team members value Kārlis as communicative, it is easy to understand him and work together, if Kārlis does something, then the work will definitely be done! Endowed with a good sense of humor, which allows you to relax a bit between everyday tasks, laughing at jokes together.

Kārlis himself emphasizes that when working in the IT industry, the biggest challenge is to learn quickly, research and accumulate experience and move forward. The IT industry is constantly evolving and everyone needs to evolve to be able to help the customer even more effectively. BIT support service and customers are happy that exactly such a person as Kārlis is in the BIT team.

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