BIT will supply laptops to educational institutions in Latvia Friday October 23rd, 2020


At a time when each of us cares about health and adheres to safety precautions, we are faced with situations where work must be done remotely or an electronic process must be provided. Educational institutions are also in this field of activity, where it is necessary to observe precautionary measures and promote the development and implementation of a technologically modern environment.

Following the successful submission of the tender in the electronic procurement system (EIS) and the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science, BIT will supply 6261 laptops to 425 Latvian schools to ensure a modern learning process.

We are currently actively working in compliance with all conditions and quality standards so that all educational institutions receive the desired equipment on time. We will definitely show you how behind the scenes of the process, so stay tuned.

You can find out more about the procurement here.


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