Brocade G610 Switch Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

Brocade G610 Switch is affordable, No-Compromise Storage Switch for the Modern Data Center. Today’s organizations are under pressure to digitize everything to be more competitive, maximize revenue growth, and increase productivity. Yet explosive data growth, coupled with user expectations of unlimited access from anywhere, at any time, on any device, is pushing storage environments to the limit.


  • Provides an affordable storage switch that redefines simplicity and flexibility;
  • Meets the high-throughput, low-latency demands of critical applications with flash-ready performance;
  • Enables the seamless transition to next-generation NVMe flash arrays, without a disruptive rip and replace;
  • Starts small and grows on demand, from 8 to 24 ports, to support an evolving storage environment;
  • Powers up from 16 Gbps to 32 Gbps to deliver increased performance on demand;
  • Installs in three easy steps with a point-and-click user interface, simplifying deployment and saving time;
  • Increases resiliency by automatically discovering and recovering from common networking problems;
  • Proactively monitors and optimizes the health and performance of individual Virtual Machines (VMs), and identifies anomalies with VM Insight;
  • Leverages Brocade Fabric Vision technology to simplify administration, quickly resolve problems, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

Read more about product here. If you have any questions about this procut please contact our sales team by e-mail or phone+371 6781997.


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