HP Elite Dragonfly – lighter than air Monday December 16th, 2019

partnerimage_00013409_20191010-1HP company has unveiled and offers a new HP Elite Dragonfly portable computer model. A long-demanding and needed model that would be able to compete with other ultra-thin and light computers. Named Elite because it’s part of Elite serial computers. The name includes Dragonfly with the idea that a computer is so light (less than 1 kilogram) that it can even fly away!

So it’s especially easy, especially thin, durable, flip-flopped and usable both as a computer and as a tablet, which is the new HP PC model. At the same time, all the latest security solutions are included inside and outside. Interestingly, the color tone has also changed from standard silver to dark blue. What could it mean? Let’s look together and try together. A little more than the technical specification below:



  • Starting below 1Kg Mobility beyond expectations and a new level of freedom for those on the go without compromise;
  • X360 providing 4 use mode Touch, take notes, watch videos, share content easily…or use it as a standard laptop;
  • 13’’with impressive narrow borders Bring a real immersive experience and an overall very premium look & feel to your device;
  • Backlight & quiet Keyboard . Keep working comfortably in low light environment and stay unobtrusively quiet for people around you;
  • USB-C charging Use the same connect or to charge your PC, penor any other devices USB-C charging compatible;
  • All-day battery life Choose from our standard all-day config providing up to 16.5h (0,998kg) or get up to 24.5h with the extended life config (1.13kg);
  • HP Fast Charge Long battery life will get you through a day of meetings and fast charge will get up to 50% battery life in just 30 minute;
  • Intel Optane memory H10 Unbelievably responsive, it accelerates the launching and loading of your applications so you wait less and do more.


  • Bang & Olufsen audio Quality and loudness like never before with four top-firing speakers, and four discrete amps providing up to76db audio;
  • 4K UHD HDR display Enjoy life in very high definition with superb image quality. Create, with the sharpest pixels and greatest colors (optional);
  • Noise cancellation for conferencing Remove unwanted background noise when you are conferencing from home or public area;
  • 4G connectivity Get secured, fast connection from almost any where with integrated 4G gigabit LTE wireless broadband module (optional);
  • World-Facing Microphone Use your PC in conference mode allowing to capture other people voice in meeting room thanks to our 3rd microphone;
  • HP Collaboration keyboard Adjust volume, join a call, end a call, mute, and unmute directly from your keyboard;
  • HP Rechargeable Active Pen G3 Write and draw precisely, receive alerts if you leave it behind with a pen proximity alert, charge easily (optional).


  • HP Privacy Camera Prevent anyone from watching you without you knowing by physically blocking the lens of your camera;
  • HP SureView G3 Keep visual hackers in the dark. Just press a button, your screen appears dark and unreadable from the side (optional);
  • HP SureSense As traditional antivirus can’t always recognize new attacks, use the power of deep-learning AI to identify never-before-seen attacks;
  • HP SureClick Protect from malicious websites and attachments. Open, browse and…just close, the malware is gone;
  • HP SureStart Firmware attacks can completely devastate your PC. Stay protected with the 1st and only self-healing PC BIOS;
  • HP Sure Run To get control of your PC, attackers first need to take down its defenses. Keep critical security protections like antivirus up and running;
  • HP Sure Recover Advanced malware can wipe out your OS and disrupt your business. Ensures fast, secure, automated recovery from anywhere.

A little insight in video.

More information on the HP website.

To find out about your special offer for the new HP Elite Dragonfly laptop, please contact our sales professionals by calling or writing to sales@bit.lv.



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