Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, Ltd. (BIT)  offers full range of services for products and solutions supplied. BIT can provide delivery and installation at the customer’s premises, that also includes the installation and configuration services as well. BIT provides the necessary advice on products and solutions for installation and management. BIT offers a wide range of IT infrastructure maintenance services. All these services are provided by engineers certified by the manufacturers  with wide experience in the IT industry. The administration of the IT infrastructure maintenance services is provided by the Service Desk. Experienced IT consultants will help you find the optimal IT solution for your business development.

Service Categories:

IT infrastructure maintenance

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Spend more time to organize your business processes by assigning care of your company’s IT infrastructure to us! In order to facilitate your everyday worries about the lighter or  more complex IT-related problems, we are offering IT infrastructure maintenance for you. BIT will take care of the equipment to function, we will eliminate technical failure, if any will accrue, as well as continuously monitor the equipment at an early stage to inform and prevent potential problems, thus minimizing equipment downtime. IT infrastructure maintenance includes everything from computer maintenance up to subtle nuances in the software, networking equipment, servers and any other IT infrastructure to be included in the equipment performance analysis. Read more


Customer support service

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Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, Ltd. offers IT systems maintenance outsourcing services, taking responsibility for the functioning of the whole system. Clients are offered a variety of service conditions to enable them to choose the most appropriate level of service – from simple equipment repairs, up to a guaranteed system restore after  emergency. Read more





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Nowadays business development pace and target achievements in many cases depend on information technologies. Undoubtedly, IT role is growing, but not necessarily the company will be able to pinpoint what exactly it is needed. BIT has been operating for more than 20 years in the IT industry, over the years we have accumulated knowledge and experience necessary to provide valuable advice to a company’s development, using modern IT solutions. Therefore, we can offer highly qualified and experienced specialist consulting, who will find the most suitable solutions for  your business needs. Read more 





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