IT infrastruktūras uzturēšana

IT infrastructure maintenance

Spend more time to organize your business processes by assigning care of your company’s IT infrastructure to us! In order to facilitate your everyday worries about the lighter or  more complex IT-related problems, we are offering IT infrastructure maintenance for you. BIT will take care of the equipment to function, we will eliminate technical failure, if any will accrue, as well as continuously monitor the equipment at an early stage to inform and prevent potential problems, thus minimizing equipment downtime. IT infrastructure maintenance includes everything from computer maintenance up to subtle nuances in the software, networking equipment, servers and any other IT infrastructure to be included in the equipment performance analysis.

  • Delivery and installation of the IT equipment;
  • Computer preventive maintenance in accordance with the ServiceDesk plan regularity (Operating Systems update   installation check; Software updates checking; Hard disk check and optimization; Operating system temporary files cleanup; Driver version check and operating system updates; Event log analysis; Computer total performance assessment and recommendations; Computer  characteristics test; Input to the register; Video/audio software audit, check of the video and audio files);
  • Printing equipment maintenance, regularly interchangeable parts supply;
  • Equipment replacement to repair time;
  • Customer’s  hardware logistics service;
  • Monitoring of the backup procedure;
  • Network installation and configuration;
  • Network solutions monitoring (Firewall monitoring; VPN Monitoring solution; Internet access and other ISP issues management; Router log file analysis; Consulting);
  • Service request resolution remotely;
  • Service request resolution on-site;
  • Continuous remote monitoring of servers (Server role / primary function monitoring (AD, DNS, DHCP, FileShare, Exchange, PrintServer, etc.); Server hard drive monitoring; Server CPU load monitoring; Server monitoring of memory; Component damage control);
  • Server preventive maintenance in accordance with the ServiceDesk plan regularity (Operating system update installation inspection, anti-virus software check, plugin  software updates checking; Hard disk operations verification and optimization, operating system temporary files cleanup, Driver version and release check, operating system event log analysis, the total server performance assessment and recommendations provision, the server parameter test and input to the register; Control of the Server role / primary functions (AD, DNS, DHCP, FileShare, Exchange, PrintServer, etc.);
  • E-mail server/-s management;
  • Operating system installation and maintenance (Microsoft 8.1, 10;  Microsoft Windows Server2008, 2008 R2, 2012; 2016, 2019; Microsoft Exchange Server; Microsoft SQL Server; Linux, u.c.);
  • Personal computers audit,  documentation (legality, video / audio);
  • Software legality audit (in addition to video/audio);
  • Centralized antivirus software monitoring and administration of the antivirus system administration.


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