Baltic Information Technology, Ltd. was founded in 1992. Company employees were high qualified IT professionals with work experience at Institute of Mathematics and IT in Latvia. Institute of Mathematics and IT was founded in 1959 and was the first computing centre in Baltics. BIT founders and stockholders were residents of Latvia and Sweden.

The goal of establishing such company was to provide very rapidly growing IT market in Latvia with the best IT technologies for faster information processing.

– 1992. BIT signs cooperation agreement with IBM and thereby become one of the first IBM Business Partner in Latvia. Month later BIT signs direct partner agreement with Compaq Computers Europe. Turnover in the first year exceeds 500 000 USD.

– 1994. BIT moves to new office in K. Valdemara Street 36, Riga. Turnover exceeds 1 000 000 USD.

– 1998. BIT signs Certified Solution Provider agreement with Microsoft and broadens dealer status. Also BIT gets a Lotus Business partner status.

– 2000. BIT software development division established subsidiary company VIDe Infra Group and continued to work together on e-commerce projects. BIT broadens its scope with IBM and Compaq and gets authorization for UNIX RISC integration.

– 2001. BIT develops strategy about high quality service provider and gets QMS EN-ISO 9001:2000 certified for the following product or service ranges: Sales, installation, maintenance and servicing of servers, data storage systems, computers and software.

– 2004. There are changes in stockholders and board. 100% of company shares are controlled by Latvian residents now. Company continues to develop although there is a decrease in turnover. We are moved to new office Ūnijas Street 11a.

 2008. BIT successfully expands cooperation with manufacturers offering new solutions for customers. Service division of BIT gets award as second best Hewlett-Packard service delivery partner in Baltics. BIT gets IBM award for highly complicated IT infrastructure project realization. BIT turnover exceeds 4.5 million euro.

 2012. We celebrated the 20 anniversary; we conclude that we have successfully survived the crisis of the previous year without a loss. During the crisis, has successfully developed a help desk service, and have become leading Citrix application virtualization professionals in the country.

 2014. BIT successfully achieved the aim – company’s turnover exceeds 5.milj. euro. We increased the company`s profitability thanks to the investment in vocational education and highly qualified specialists work.

 2015. This was the twenty-four company`s existence year – the year of challenges and changes. During the year, a new integrated service and sales management IT system was introduced, as a result BIT sales team capacity increased 2 times. Along with HP office closure in LR, we became the official HPE and HP Inc. guarantee service provider in Latvian. These and other factors enabled us to achieve good results. In year 2015 company reached 124,268 euro net profit, which is twice more than the previous year.

 2016. The main company`s directions will be the same as before – service quality improvement and cloud computing development. We continue to improve our professionalism, investing significant investment to our sales team further quantitative and qualitative growth. But that is no longer the history section.

– 2017. We worked with EU funds to improve the skills of our employees – increasing the professional qualifications, communication and leadership skills. We know how important is the quality of services and products, so we paid more attention to the company’s compliance with the requirements of quality, information security and compliance with environmental policy. We met all criteries and received ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate.

– 2018. We paid increased attention to data protection security, as a result of which we offered our customers a new service – GDPR compliance assessment – audit. Along to the supply of new services and quality growth, we have raised service productivity and service quantity 2 times. As well We are proud of our sales team, who has managed to reach new peaks by winning the largest procurement of printers in Latvia for the purposes of the State Revenue Service.

– 2019. We were constantly improving IT infrastructure processes through audits and maintenance procedures, and helped multiple customers migrate to cloud solutions, such as MS Office 365, Azure, etc. Gained valuable experience at Children’s Clinical University Hospital, creating a new data center with high-availability solutions. As well in the middle of the year, we have re-certified ISO standards and are currently a certified company under supervision of LATAK. Thanks to invested work and skilled employees, the total turnover of the company was increased by 30%. What a great year!

– 2020. In 2020, the largest transaction in the history of BIT’s existence, delivering 6261 computers to Latvian municipalities purchased in the procurement of the Ministry of Education and Science . Successful re-certification for ISO 9001. BIT started an ambitious campaign to improve the quality of IT outsourcing services in the company. BIT wants to be the IT manager of each client and recommend the best solutions, as well as reduce the existing risks in IT System configurations and information processing processes, offering to implement current technologies. We will continue to inform about the development of IT Outsourcing in the company.

– 2021. We continue to develop and improve our professionalism in order to provide the highest quality services and increase the competitiveness of the company.


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