For business development you need innovative IT solutions which will not only increase your business productivity and growth, but your client satisfaction with your provided services as well.  Under the guidance of highly qualified specialists, „Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas” offers a wide variety of IT solutions, for different needs, always finding the appropriate solution for everyone. For a proper solution implementation and maintenance we also offer assistance at all implementation stages, starting with the design of the project, design development upon conditions, ROI analysis, and creation of the specification, ending with the implementation of the solution, logistics and technical support. Each solution is implemented in accordance with the clients’ needs, taking into account all possible factors, such as corporate policy, budget, technical requirements, compatibility with existing IT infrastructure, and other factors that are essential for the implementation of the solution. The solutions are designed not only for large corporations but also for small and medium-size companies, whose aims are to grow and always to stay in shape.

We offer:


Serveri small


Servers are one of the key IT infrastructure components for both large corporations and small businesses. As Businesses evolve, there is an increasing need for a common IT infrastructure, so all the equipment is managed in the same system. Centralized data storage and exchange, higher reliability, the ability to work from remote locations, as well as the opportunity to create a unified enterprise data backup, are just some of the benefits that are available if a server is included in the companies IT infrastructure. Read more



Data storage

Datu glabāšana small


With the increasing amount of information, a more crucial role becomes storing large amounts of data. With the increase of data, companies must find more efficient ways to store them. There are three storage options, the main differences are the availability, performance and centralized management capabilities. To choose the most appropriate and compatible solution – DAS, NAS or SAN, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, in collaboration with the leading manufacturers Hewlett-Packard and IBM offers an individual approach and help choosing the solution that best fits the organization’s needs. Read more



Server virtualization

Serveru virtualizācija small


In today’s corporate information technology infrastructure a standard practice is to use server virtualization, which enables the company to make more efficient use of physical server resources, provides the company with the continuous operation of the necessary IT processes and applications. In a traditional infrastructure each business application is deployed on a single physical server.  Server virtualization allows you to create completely isolated virtual servers (virtual machines) with, if necessary, different operating systems on one physical server. Creating a virtual machine requires significantly less time, because there is no need to buy a new physical server each time, if the existing infrastructure allows it. Read more



Computers and peripherals

Datori un perifērijas small


In today’s technological world often our job performance directly depends on the technologies we use. Nowadays, often our daily lives are unimaginable without mobile phones or computer. To increase productivity, facilitate daily duties and get satisfaction from them, which in turn contributes to the competitiveness of the company, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers high quality computing equipment, accessories and peripherals. Read more



Application and desktop virtualization

Lietojumprogrammu un darbvirsmu virtualizācija small


As technologies evolve, more and more actual becomes the ability for businesses and organizations is to be mobile. Increasingly, needs arises to access the work environment from different locations and different devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones). To make this process as safe as possible, one of the solutions being offered is application and desktop virtualization, which means that the data is not stored on the physical device, but in the virtual environment, which can be accessed only by the individual user and the company’s IT administrator. Read more



Citrix NetScaler


In order to ensure application availability, increased application performance, and increase the performance of the equipment, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers Citrix NetScaler. NetScaler is a web application delivery solution that enables you to reduce the number of servers and network equipment as well as server load, improve application performance and security level. A steady application and server load distribution can significantly reduce web application and equipment total cost in any IT infrastructure. NetScaler is a multi-purpose solution that is suitable for any company, regardless of its size – both large corporations as well as smaller companies, which appreciate their service availability. Read more



Management and monitoring solutions

uzraudzība un pārvaldība small


In order to provide high availability and expect proper performance of the established IT infrastructure, it is important to monitor and manage the infrastructure the right way. For this purpose, it is important to implement effective management processes and administrative policies within the organization. On the other hand, processes and policies need to be integrated with the management and monitoring tools capable of achieving a maximum efficiency and automation. Equipment monitoring will result in faster problem acknowledgement, leading to faster prevention of potential problems before they impact business processes. Read more





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