Citrix NetScalercitrix

In order to ensure application availability, increased application performance, and increase the performance of the equipment, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers Citrix NetScaler solution. Citrix NetScaler is a web application delivery solution that enables you to reduce the number of servers and network equipment, as well as server load. With Citrix NetScaler you can significantly improve application performance and security level. A steady application and server load distribution can significantly reduce web application and equipment total cost in any IT infrastructure. NetScaler is a multi-purpose solution that is suitable for any company, regardless of its size – both large corporations as well as smaller companies, which appreciate their service availability.

NetScaler offers a variety of platforms – physical and virtual, according to the specific needs – SDX, VPX, and MPX. VPX is virtual appliance that allows you to optimize web application load, thereby increasing availability and performance, but MPX is physical appliance that allows you to optimize equipment performance. SDX is high-performance, hardware based solution, that delivers web application delivery and load balancing as well as provide full service framework that incorporates the company’s data center and cloud infrastructure, applications and cloud services to work up to five times faster. It allows you to consolidate several independently manageable devices in one appliance (in one SDX appliance you can fit up to 40 NetScaler instances).

TriScale Technology allows to build cloud networks and with “Scale up” function increase performance up to five times whenever you need it, with “Scale out” – increase up to 32 NetScaler appliances, and with “Scale in” run up to 40 instances in a single platform.


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