Infrastruktūras pārvaldības un uzraudzības risinājumi

Management and monitoring solutions

In order to provide high availability and expect proper performance of the established IT infrastructure, it is important to monitor and manage the infrastructure the right way. For this purpose, it is important to implement effective management processes and administrative policies within the organization. On the other hand, processes and policies need to be integrated with the management and monitoring tools capable of achieving a maximum efficiency and automation. Equipment monitoring will result in faster problem acknowledgement, leading to faster prevention of potential problems before they impact business processes. Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas has experience in the implementation of various IT management and monitoring solutions, as primary choosing world most known and modern solutions from the industry leaders such as Microsoft (System Center), Hewlett-Packard (Oneview, System Insight Manager, NMC, NNM), Zabbix, IBM (Tivoli, System Director) and others.

Microsoft System Center

Microsoft System center

IT management and monitoring solution with a variety of functionalities, that lets you manage and monitor IT infrastructure equipment, from servers and data centers to end-user workstations. The product consists of several modules, including, Configuration manager, Virtual machine manager, Operations manager, Orchestrator, Service manager, Endpoint manager, App controller that can be selected according to customers specific needs.

– Operation manager – Manage physical, virtual and cloud servers from a simple Operation Manager console!

– Orchestrator – Automate computing capacity monitoring, using PowerShell or Orchestrator provided opportunities!

– App controller – Reach for the SLA level, fix problems by following the lines of the system code or transactions!

– Service manager – Organize work flows, plan resources and automate the cost of services!

– Configuration manager – Install and manage updates centralized!

– Virtual machine manager – Manage and configure virtual machines easier!

– Endpoint manager – Manage equipment centralized with enterprise-level antivirus management tool “Endpoint manager”!

– Data protection manager – Simplify backup management and monitoring with “Data protection manager“!

HP Oneview


HP has taken a big step towards unified infrastructure management by providing a tool that is available through a web browser. Allowing you to determine the cause of any problem quickly and more efficient. HP OneView allows you to browse and manage your infrastructure from any device, anywhere (PC, tablet, mobile device, etc.). The clear and comprehensive management environment is designed for the user, not the device, thereby simplifying IT administrator’s everyday life. HP OneView supports HP Blade System (Generation 7 and Generation 8) servers, as well as HP ProLiant Generation 8 servers. In the future it is planned to introduce other HP equipment management in the HP OneView platform (routers, switches, and other devices on the network), to provide even more benefits in one place.

HP OneView allows to significantly optimize equipment management, combining the capabilities of other tools, including HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM), HP Insight Control, and HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM).



Open source solution designed to monitor the availability and performance of equipment. With Zabbix you can collect unlimited amount of data about any IT infrastructure component in real time and visualize this data in maps, topologies, graphics etc. depending on your specific needs. In case of problem, system automatically will send messages about that to the administrator.

Zabbix advantages:

– Open source solution, independent from manufacturers;

– Simple set-up and configuration, that reduces the Total Cost of Ownership;

– Microsoft Windows and LINUX platform based agents provide wide range monitoring possibilities;

– Centralized monitoring system allows to collect any kind of performance configuration data in relational database;

– Very wide range of data visualization possibilities, that allows you to work with this data faster and smarter;

– Have functions that allows you to ensure easy data maintenance and organization;

– Allows you to adjust system for your specific needs.


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