App and Desktop Virtualization

As technologies evolve, more and more actual becomes the ability for businesses and organizations to be mobile. Increasingly, needs arises to access the work environment from different locations and different devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones). To make this process as safe as possible, one of the solutions being offered is application and desktop virtualization, which means that the data is not stored on the physical device, but in the virtual environment, which can be accessed only by the individual user and the company’s IT administrator.

Application and desktop virtualization allows you to reduce costs on purchasing new equipment, because applications, that you use, are not being installed on devices itself, thereby they will work as fast as servers will let them to work. And that will increase the sustainability of our environment and eco-system.

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas is a certified Citrix Solution Silver Advisor partner, with certified specialists, and as the main desktop virtualization platform offers Citrix XenDesktop.

Citrix XenDesktop delivers Microsoft Windows applications and desktops as a secure mobile service that reduces costs, allows to manage and protect data and intellectual property centralized. Although users are offered a virtual workspace, HDX technology delivers high-quality video and audio delivery, which do not differ from those that are available in real-time.

The main application and desktop virtualization benefits are significantly higher data security and much easier installation of application, updates and, of course, operating system performance.

To provide even higher availability and efficiency, Citrix FlexCast allows to customize desktop and application according to specific needs. You can choose between five different FlexCast models:

Hosted shared desktop – several users can access one desktop (applicable, when several users use the same documents or applications);

Virtual desktop infrastructure– each user has his own virtual machine that is powered by server and access to the desktop is via remote display protocol.

Streaming disk images – desktop is built on server (Citrix Provisioning Server) and streamed to individual user device, thereby this desktop is easily manageable from server;

Local virtual machine – virtual machine is stored and processed on the user device using Citrix XenClient that allows to access desktop by request;

Individual applications – applications that are stored on the server and access is provided by logging on from user device.


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