Servers are one of the key IT infrastructure components for both large corporations and small businesses. As businesses evolve, there is an increasing need for a common IT infrastructure, so all the equipment is managed in the same system.

As the most relevant server functions are listed:

– Possibility to store data in the company, thereby increasing data security;

– Possibility to back-up data (centralized and for each user documents);

– Protect computers that are located in company by adding additional firewall settings and centralized equipment management;

– Centralized application, update installation, user account, printers and other component management;

– Possibility to safely use a remote connection to the work environment from any location.

Centralized data storage and exchange, higher reliability, the ability to work from remote locations, as well as the opportunity to create a unified enterprise data backup, are just some of the benefits that are available if a server is included in the companies IT infrastructure.

However, when choosing a server, it is essential to define the purposes for which it will be used. Based on more than 20 years of experience, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas, in partnership with Hewlett-Packard and IBM, provides customers with advice and the widest selection of servers to find the most appropriate server for specific needs.

We offer servers that are designed for enterprise level organizations as well as for small organizations, for example, MicroServer that performs the function of WEB server for small businesses with a small number of users or huge mainframe type servers to process large amount of information in large organizations.

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers industry standard x86 servers based on Intel and AMD platforms, that are optimized to work with Windows, Linux, VMware and XenServer environments, for example HP Proliant MicroServer, HP Proliant MP (Tower), HP Proliant Scalable system, HP Moonshot.

For larger companies we offer high-performance servers on IA-64 architecture Itanium processors that are designed for HP-UX, Linux, Windows and OpenVMS operating systems, for example HP Blade system, HP Proliant DL rack mount servers.

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers these IBM servers:

IBM system x (xSeries) industry standard servers based on Intel and AMD platforms. A wide choice of form factors (tower, rack and blade), that are optimized to work in Windows, Linux, XenServer and VMware environments. IBM Power systems (pSeries and iSeries) servers that are high-performance RISC servers, based on IBM Power processors. i/OS integrates high security databases, Web services, networking and storage management capabilities. These servers are designed for work with IBM AIX, i/OS and Linux operating systems.


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