Tehnikas garantija


Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers standard vendor warranty to all delivered equipment as well as to all implemented solutions. However often BIT provides higher level service to our clients and project participants to ensure faster problem solution. Higher level service includes faster reaction times as well as faster equipment repair times and equipment replacement if necessary.

BIT as a Hewlett-Packard authorized service center provides warranty and post-warranty service for Hewlett-Packard equipment regardless of purchase country. All services are carried out by certified Hewlett-Packard specialists.

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas provides equipment manufacturer warranty as well as equipment supplier warranty.

Equipment manufacturer warranty

Equipment manufacturer warranty means that warranty service is provided according to conditions specified by manufacturers.

Latvian legislation states that warranty rules are provided by the seller of goods.

Manufacturer or service centers are eligible to request a proof of purchase – an invoice, receipt, warranty card, notwithstanding the possibility of determining the warranty by using the serial number.

Equipment supplier warranty

Equipment supplier warranty is what the seller has promised by selling the equipment.

Often it is the same as the manufacturer’s warranty which is supplemented with additional conditions: free of charge equipment shipping to manufacturer and back, faster repair times and most essential – an encouraging attitude.

The seller normally takes full responsibility of the system performance in general, for example, in a hardware fault, like HDD failure, a replacement is provided and recovery of operating system and application is included.


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