Teguar – advanced industrial and medical computer solutions Wednesday February 19th, 2020

Teguar-Rugged-Tablet-slide2020 BIT has launched with ambition! We have become a Teguar partner, which offers reliable and durable hardware solutions.

Teguar is a leading supplier of advanced industrial and medical computer solutions. It is not the everyday-to-day hardware that dominates mass markets, but the industrial and medical computers specifically designed to provide reliable performance in the most demanding environment. Medical and industrial-class computers run safely in any circumstance that causes problems outside the everyday office environment.

Teguar offers a considerable choice of hardware for specialists in different spheres:

  • Industrial PCs,
  • Medical PCs,
  • Fanless (non-fan) industrial computers,
  • Waterpoof computers,
  • All-in-One touch-sensitive computers,
  • Rugged All-in-One tablets.

Teguar Computers is scheduled to work 24/7, 365 days a year. Most industrial and manufacturing activities take place without stopping. The computer is designed using only industrial components that guarantee the highest quality product that is ready to work for years without breaking.

Teguar shall provide a quality attested by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. This certification and the annual audits required for it draw Teguar’s attention to the customer-oriented approach and its efforts to provide professionals in the sector with the best possible computers and services.

Watch a video to get a practical view of the proposed hardware (video).

More information on the Teguar website (https://teguar.com/).

To find out more about Teguar’s hardware specification or get your special offer, please contact BIT sales specialists by calling or writing to sales@bit.lv.



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