Tildes Jumis

Tildes Jumis is a comprehensive accounting and business management, analysis software for complete business data processing. The features provided by this accounting and business automation system allows it to be used by companies working in very different fields. Its versatile and convenient use has allowed the solution to gain wide popularity, and now more than 3,200 companies use it in their daily work.

SIA “Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas“ offers its customers the Tildes Jumis accounting software, its configuration and extendable subscription, as well as computer hardware and IT services.

Certified distributor of the Tildes Jumis

“Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas“ is a certified distributor of the Tildes Jumis software. We have certified engineers who will:

  • advise you about the features of Tildes Jumis;
  • recommend the version of Tildes Jumis and its components most appropriate for your needs (complete, single user or accounting service provider’s license), as well as the best way to obtain it (purchase or hosting);
  • advise you on the technical requirements of Tildes Jumis and on its compliance with your existing computer hardware;
  • recommend a new hardware configuration, which would be tailored to your needs and the requirements of Tildes Jumis.

By purchasing Tildes Jumis from us, you also get:

  • free delivery in Riga and near the city.

Remote access to the Tildes Jumis database

Employees of accounting service providers often need to work with the Tildes Jumis database remotely, from a branch office, from home or from customer premises, to enter bills, invoices or receipts into the accounting system.

Experts of SIA “Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas“ will configure your Tildes Jumis software and your computer hardware to allow your employees to use a remote Internet connection to the Tildes Jumis database; they will also advise you on the necessary security measures.

Opportunity for a service contract

When purchasing Tildes Jumis from us, you will also be able to conclude a service contract, on particularly favourable terms, for computers on which the Tildes Jumis software is installed. According to this contract, for a fixed monthly fee, customers receive following benefits:

  • Free calls of our specialists to solve your computer technical problems;
  • Installation of regular updates for Tildes Jumis (including technical servicing of the computers);
  • Arrangements for database backup copies;
  • Re-installation of the software and transfer of databases (if needed).

Other services:

  • Transfer of data to a new computer;
  • Technical support;
  • Installation of the latest releases;
  • Service Pack installation;
  • Data backups to external storage;
  • Advice on the most appropriate infrastructure, etc.

For more information about Tildes Jumis, please contact: +371 67819977, e-mail sales@bit.lv


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