HP Lefthand P4000

HP Lefthand P4000

Hewlett-Packard as the leading IT solutions company in the world ever continues to pose solution weapons for a creation of an efficient infrastructure.

This time it is a SAN solution, designed to improve performance and reduce costs for storage virtualization in companies.

HP has marketed a new product – modular SAN solution based on cluster architecture with integrated copy and many other extra features – HP Lefthand P4000.

The main benefits of the HP Lefthand solution:

  • There is no need to invest in complicated and expensive creation of infrastructure
  • Building a cluster system architecture, each machine is independent in connection and its performance, while at the same time creating a whole system
  • Allow customers to purchase power, which also grows along with business requirements. The need to invest in start-up option, after appropriate for supplementing the existing
  • Capacity-building takes place without the downtime, unaffecting critical business processes to the enterprise
  • Solution integrates with even entry-level servers and to upgrade connection system it is achieved through an Ethernet network, supporting a wide HP ProCurve Network range of products
  • There is no need to invest additional RAID Controller purchase, it already provides maximum performance and maintains RAID 0, 2, 3, 4, 10, 5, 6.
  • The all necessary software is a standard included support both copy and snapshots management
  • Each from devices are integrated with four 1Gbit NICs
  • One client training course is included


Investing in such solution a customer in general obtains stable, high availability solution of data storage.

Prices for such a solution beginning from 27 000 EUR for the 4,8 TB solution up to the 21,6 TB solution for 87 000 EUR.

Details about product: http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/storageworks/p4000/