Save company resources with Aruba Central

Save company resources with Aruba Central

Aruba Central is a cloud-based network management tool that allows a company to save resources and time on network maintenance. One of the most important benefits of this tool is that you do not have to buy additional server equipment to place it, as well as do not have to make updates or take care of system errors. Aruba Central is a reliable business network management tool that works continuously to improve your business processes.

Aruba Central offers unified network management, AI (Artificial Intelligence) based event analysis for PC wired as well as wireless and SD-WAN networks. All these features are combined in one easy-to-use platform, which includes the following applications:

Network Operations – Provides unified network management by combining wired, wireless, and SD-WAN setup and management tasks, real-time diagnostics, and live monitoring for easy and fast troubleshooting.

ClearPass Device Insight – provides a single dashboard for device management with automatic device search, machine learning (ML), and other technical tools for device identification and analysis. For more information, see the Aruba ClearPass Device Insight Information Center.

Aruba Central offers the following key benefits and features:

Streamlined device deployment and configuration – Aruba Central supports device group configuration, allowing you to manage and secure multiple devices simultaneously with similar configuration requirements.

Wireless, WAN, and Integrated Wired Infrastructure Management – Provides a centralized management interface for managing wireless, WAN, and wired networks in distributed environments, helping organizations improve efficiency and save time.

Enhanced security and analysis – With continuous monitoring, real-time AI-based analysis provides insight and visibility into what’s happening on a particular Wi-Fi network.

Secure Cloud Platform – Offers a secure cloud platform with HTTPS connectivity and certificate-based authentication.

Managed Service Provider Interface (MSP) – Provides an additional interface for MSP to secure and manage their customer user accounts. With MSP mode, service provider organizations can administer the network infrastructure to multiple organizations in a single interface.

SD-Branch Management – Provides a simplified solution for managing and monitoring SD Branch devices such as VPN hubs, wireless transmitters and Aruba switches. It also provides detailed dashboards that show the health status of the overall network. The Aruba SD-Branch solution extends SD-WAN concepts to all configuration elements to provide a complete system solution for managing and monitoring LAN, WAN and WLAN connections.

Health and usage monitoring – Provides a comprehensive overview of your application usage, device status and status, and your network. You can identify, monitor, and troubleshoot issues with data dashboards, reports, and alerts. Aruba Central also uses the DPI feature of devices to analyze, monitor, and block traffic based on application types and categories, web categories, and site reputation. With this data, you can prioritize business-critical applications, restrict the use of inappropriate content, and enforce access policies for each device, user, and / or location.

User Access – Allows you to manage user access through a secure user Wi-Fi experience. You can create user names and roles in user networks. The user’s main page or authorization page can be designed with custom logos, as well as with the appropriate banner and text.

Online Analysis – Offers a value-added service in wireless transmitter-based networks to gain insight into user loyalty and presence. This dashboard tool lets you see how often users visit a particular place or location, as well as the presence of users on a particular site. Thanks to this data, you have the opportunity to make a business decision on how to better improve the attraction of potential customers. to better improve the attraction of potential customers.

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