Focus on what’s important with Aruba Instant On

Focus on what’s important with Aruba Instant On

Continuous connection for an always functioning business!

Have you ever visited an event or café where the Wi-Fi available is slow or not available at all because of a large number of users? Surely everyone has had to deal with it. Whether you have a big hotel, a small burger restaurant or a spacious concert hall, your employees and customers expect a quick and seamless Internet connection to their devices. So to address this issue, Aruba offers Aruba Instant On Wi-Fi (AP). Aruba Instant On provides secure, fast wireless connections, both indoors and outside, and setting them up and managing them without trouble.

Aruba Instant On mobile app allows you to configure and monitor your network from anywhere. You can easily block a malicious user or unwanted content, even if you are not on the spot. Of course, you won’t always check your app, which is why a network with available artificial intelligence tools analyzes and sends notices if anything seems suspicious. An alarm message enables immediate response and correction of connection problems so that the daily rhythm is not disturbed.

Aruba takes cybersecurity seriously.

Safe by design. Aruba Instant On uses the HPE Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip throughout the facility to ensure that no one can threaten it or change its software. The secure microshmolding of the TPM is used to strongly authenticate AP and cloud before they communicate with each other. If a security hazard is detected, Your firmware is updated automatically.

Secure cloud communication. AP connects securely to the cloud platform Aruba Instant On, and all communication is encrypted using SSL/TLS. The mobile app and web browser used to manage also securely communicate with the cloud management platform using HTTPS to protect personal data provided by the user.

Strong authentication. Aruba Instant On uses the latest and strongest available security protocol WPA3. It supports secure and stable encryption key sharing and top-class encryption. This means that you can be sure that all your Wi-Fi users and devices are working by standard, and the communication remains private.

Disallow undesired traffic categories. Firewall and built-in DPI, allows you to view each user’s data flow and its categories, and allows you to block unwanted data flows.

Easy and secure access. You can easily set up guest access, providing legal coverage for your business about the proper usage of the network. Guest traffic stays separate from employee or business traffic. Aruba Instant On automatically sets up different virtual LANs, ensuring that guest and employee traffic are completely isolated.

Control Wi-Fi usage. The ability to control when employees and customers use the network so you can deny access to the Wi-Fi network outside of working time.

Great user experience. Making high-quality online calls over the wireless network has always been one of the challenges and headaches. But with the features available in Aruba Instant On, Wi-Fi voice applications give an automatic priority so that people feel comfortable participating in conference calls also outside their home or office.

Aruba is pleased to offer small and medium-sized businesses fast, secure and accessible Wi-Fi so you can focus on the most important – business and customers.

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