HPE MSA Gen6 storage – So simple that anyone can manage it!

HPE MSA Gen6 storage – So simple that anyone can manage it!

This generation of storage is built using modern architecture and offers a good balance of performance, automation and security. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to manage – special knowledge is not required. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the simplicity of HPE MSA to “set and forget” eliminates the complexity of IT. Rely on intuitive setup, managed management, and automatic handsfree performance to ensure user productivity. Industrially embedded artificial intelligence is able to forecast failures before they occur and eliminate common causes associated with the MSA “health” test tool, and reduce downtime and diagnose problems before time. Currently, statistics show that 76% of HPE MSA’s problems are solved proactively using “health” testing tools.


Three new models make simple storage simpler

HPE MSA storage are known, reliable and secure platform known on the market for more than a decade. It currently offers three new Gen6 models that provide simple, high-performance, flash-ready systems:

    • HPE MSA 1060: for fixed power and performance users supporting a lower IT load;
    • HPE MSA 2060: offers flexibility to adjust both performance and capacity to meet the most demanding IT workloads;
    • HPE MSA 2062: Special Model – all flash, which already originally includes a HPE MSA 2060 set with two 1,92 TB SSD discs and an all-inclusive license that gives the user significant savings. This allows you to start the first day with a high-performance data array solution at an acceptable price and develop it as large (data size) as needed (up to 1.92 PB).

HPE MSA Storage is a proven solution that puts small and medium-sized businesses at the forefront of storage needs.

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