IT infrastructure maintenance

Spend more time managing business processes! Entrust Your company's IT infrastructure to us! To alleviate your daily worries about easier and more complex IT-related problems, we offer to maintain the IT infrastructure for You. We will provide functioning of the equipment, eliminate technical failures, as well as continuously monitor IT processes in order to inform and eliminate possible problems in a timely manner, minimizing downtime of Your business. IT infrastructure maintenance includes everything from computer maintenance to monitoring the operation of software, network equipment, servers, and any other equipment included in Your IT infrastructure.

We offer:

  • Hardware, network equipment, servers, software, etc. maintenance;
  • Technical diagnostics, prevention and repair;
  • Remote monitoring of systems;
  • IT issues or technical support on a daily basis onsite/ remotely;
  • Improving IT security in accordance with environmental changes;
  • Implementing and monitoring high availability solutions;
  • Development and maintenance of a business continuity plan.


Within the support service, BIT specialists perform:

  • remote monitoring of systems,
  • IT equipment prophylaxis and diagnostics,
  • troubleshooting remotely or/ and on-site.


We provide a guaranteed response time for IT specialists to customer calls, as well as individual service - a specific IT specialist is involved in servicing the customer's IT systems, who fully knows the customer's IT infrastructure and needs. Customers have access to monthly reports about maintenance tasks, as well as free consultations on optimizing and improving the operation of technical and standard software. 

BIT offers a variety of service plans that vary in response and resolve time to tickets, as well as a regular work schedule and interval to be executed for Your infrastructure units.