Computers and peripherals

In today's world of technology, our ability to work often depends on technology. Nowadays, we often can no longer imagine our daily lives without a mobile phone or computer. Make Your company more competetive with Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offered high-quality computing equipment, accessories and peripherals, that will increase productivity, ease the performance of daily tasks and bring pleasure to the work.

We offer:

  • Personal desktop computers of various shapes;
  • Workstations designed for high workloads and work with resource-intensive applications;
  • All-in-one personal computers and workstations;
  • Thin client that is intended primarily for the use of terminal applications or VDI solutions;
  • Tablets and laptops.


In cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers, Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas offers a wide range of IT peripherals and accessories (printers, monitors, UPS, OEM components, multifunctional office equipment and other devices). We will help You find the right equipment and solutions for Your specific needs, which will increase productivity and allow You to do more efficiently Your work, even on a limited budget.