Application and desktop virtualization

With the development of technology, the ability of companies to be mobile becomes more and more important. There is an increasing need to access the work environment from different locations and different devices. To make the process as secure as possible, one solution is application and desktop virtualization, which means that data is not stored on a physical device, but in a virtual environment that can only be accessed by the user and the company's IT administrator.

Application and desktop virtualization allows You to save the cost of purchasing new hardware because the applications You use are not installed on the device itself, so they will run as fast as the server can work. Which in turn means that virtualization also saves energy, is more environmentally friendly and can increases global sustainability.

The main benefits of application and desktop virtualization are significantly higher data security and higher operating system performance, as well as easier and more convenient installation and updating of computer applications.

Baltijas Informācijas Tehnoloģijas is a certified Citrix Solution Gold Advisor partner, with several certified specialists, we offer Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops as the main workstation virtualization platform.